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Our Services

Eye exam

Our optometrist  provides comprehensive exams of the eyes. Our thorough exams evaluate these areas of concern:
The refractive state of your eyes. We will provide you with a copy of any prescription you may benefit from.
The binocular function of your eyes. This evaluates how well your eyes work together. Double vision, headaches, eyestrain, poor performance at school or work may be the result of poorly coordinated eyes. There is more to vision than 20/20.
The health of your eyes. You will receive a very thorough medical exam of the health of your eyes. We test for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, etc. Every aspect of the health of your eyes will be evaluated and any need for treatment or care will be addressed.
Pre-operative and Post-operative Care:
We work in association with an eye surgeons  to help provide your pre-operative and post-operative eye care. A comfortable, mutually desired relationship exists between patient, surgeon and optometrist to provide high quality care for our surgical patients.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are of special interest to us at Smart EyeCare .
We have access to all contacts that are approved by the FDA and available in Australian market. We offer everything from single vision disposable lenses ,contact  lenses for astigmatism, extended wear contacts as well as multifocal contacts. We have a large inventory of lenses in our office, so we can provide you with same day service in many prescriptions.
Past contact lens failures are welcome.
Our experience is that 90% of people who have failed with wearing contact lenses in the past can be successfully fit. Dry eye, allergies, astigmatism, bifocals, poor comfort, poor vision, can be resolved. Come in and let us solve your contact lens problems!!
We guarantee your fit and satisfaction!
Contact lenses are available to correct: Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, multifocals, multifocal  with astigmatism, colors, colors with astigmatism and costume contacts.


Frames are very important to your sunglasses, they differ in comfort, size, weight and price. Wrap-around frames can even provide additional protection from harmful solar radiation. 

We have an extensive selection of quality current frames available. We carry an interesting and diverse selection of frames that range from economy to high fashion designer styles, sunglasses and more. All of our frames are guaranteed. We will service and repair all of our products to your satisfaction. Shop and compare. We are sure you will be impressed with our product and service.


We carry optical frames and sunglasses in top brands Gucci, Versace, D&G  Emporio Armani, Georgio Armani, Timberland, Celvin Klein CK, JustCavalli, Vogue ,converse, ...and a lot more


We provide 12 months materials and workmanship warranty on our spectacles for your peace of mind.